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Top 10 Dual Sport Adventure Bikes by Sales — 10 Comments

  1. It amazes me that only 4,000 KLRs were sold and registered in 2010. I’m guessing worldwide sales for that same period would have been in the 10,000 unit range. That’s just a WAG, but its also a pretty low number of actual bikes. Don’t need much of a manufacturing line to produce 10,000 units.

    • Jim,

      Are you certain of that? I wasn’t aware that Honda ever stopped production of the XR650L. It has been unchanged since 1993 but in production every year since it was introduced.

    • The specs for the WR250R are really nice but the major turn off for me is the 36” or so seat height even with some adjustment I’m not sure it would get close to the XT250’s 31”.
      That and I have sciatica so I’m pretty sure I’ll be hurting. Thinking about buying the XT250. I plan on doing some relaxing rides around Charleston S.C. and doing some light trails occasionally. Wonder if I can order an XT250 with the WR250R Trans gearing I’m a 0-60 guy if it’s not around 6 or lower meh.

  2. I don’t buy the conclusion. Beginner DS rider will natually go for low cc and low cost bikes but experienced DS riders want bigger cc and advance bike which now only one ancient model to choose from, a 16 year old DRZ400. There is a big void in the 300-600cc class modern DS bike. Let me I tell you this, where i live (North america), I’ve see more KTM 350 and 500 EXC, Aprilla ($12,000+ bikes) on the road than XT250, KLX250S, TW200,DRZ400S COMBINED. There would be more conversion from dirt (WR450F, CRF450X, CFR450R for example) to street legal bikes if municipality let them but they aren’t. There is money to be made but the Jap bike makers are sitting on their ass.

    • Hi, Andrew.

      I can’t speak for anyone but myself but I have been organizing dual sport adventure rallies in Texas, Arkansas, and Mexico for the past 9 years or so with attendance at the rallies ranging between 50 and 200. The KTM bikes are popular at all the rallies but I don’t believe the 350 + 500 EXC outnumber the combined total of all the bikes you have referenced (the DRZ400, in particular, is a popular model at my rallies). Still, the #1 bike, by far, at any of my rallies is the KLR650, which is no surprise since the KLR outsells the #2 and #3 dual sport bikes (the DRZ400 and the DR650) combined. Any single model of KTM doesn’t come close to the number of KLRs at any of the rallies I have organized. But, that’s just my rallies – I can’t speak for other rallies in other places.

      • my observation was base what I’ve seen on the city road. Furthermore, there is a fine difference between Dual Sport and Adventure bikes. ADV bikes mostly for long distance pavement to trail riding. A bike under 500cc is light enough to do some semi serious dirt riding and city commuting. I see AVD and D/S bikes 2 different classes. It is quite silly to do short city commuting on a 1000+ cc ADV bike. Personally I would never own a bike that is over 300 lbs, that pretty well rule out all +500cc ADV bikes.

      • I personally know a few KTM riders would sell their 350/500 EXC tomorrow if Honda or Yamaha came out with a CRF450L or WR450R.

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