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KTM is not reliable — 3 Comments

  1. Aug 15th, 2017
    I’ve read a lot of positive comments about the speed and handling of the exc300/450 bikes (that’s about what i’m looking 4), but now that I’ve read a few threads on reliability, I see that your original statement was correct (ktm is not reliable) and your comments went kind of sideways from there. I’ll probably get a wrXXXf drz400 or xrXXX for the reliability alone. Don’t get me wrong, you could buy 3 different fiat cars that all run without a hitch to 120k, it just is not likely. To some of us, statistics matter. The trails are full of pumpkins because they ride well, but that doesn’t make them reliable.

    The exc500 is setup closer to winning offroad races than the honda and yamaha offerings, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make comparable bikes. The comparison is easy from what i’ve read. The exc has a lower center of gravity so it handles better. The jap bikes have less costly problems. Their are lots of other traits to compare but first up for an off road bike is: which is preferred for acceleration and handling. Next you want to know: is that brand reliable.


    • Sidney,

      You wrote, “To some of us, statistics matter.” What statistics are you referring to? Who has published valid statistics concerning the relative reliability of KTM dual sport motorcycles? I, and others, would be very interested to read them.



  2. KTM is overpriced JUNK. The Duke 390 is already having multiple issues from ECU,oil leaks,TFT and on and on.
    I dont buy it that KTM didnt know about any of this…

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