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  1. Long time listener, first time caller..Of course this subject has been hashed a million times and of course you are correct, sir. The class of bike you suggest is the best adventure ride is the same class that has been with us since the ’80’s and a bit earlier. That is why I ride, wait for it, A 1985 Suzuki SP600! DR600 for the rest of the world and basically one of the founding fathers of ’80’s dual sport. Racing pedigree, DAKAR baby! Here are the specs: 600cc 44hp (38 for you pedantic types) 5 speed wide ratio tranny, (check gear commander for rpm’s at 70mph and you’ll realize you don’t need a six speed), comfortable seat, 5.5 gal tank and 335lb fully fueled and totally stock. It is kick only, oh well, and of course it has a crap suspension just like they all do to varying degrees from the factory. I’m 6″5″ 260 so no stock suspension will suit me so instead of spending big $$ like I’m racing DAKAR baby, I slow down. My bike was $700 off Craigslist. Almost every part is still stocked by Suzuki, Partzilla etc and at this posting Ebay has over 300 NOS and used parts for my bike. So for all you posers and bench racers out there I beg you to get real, by some 30 year old P.O.S. and go ride like you mean it. There will never be the perfect bike off the rack (although I am still looking for a nicely trimmed, fat dude modded ’06 TE610) there will be plenty of bikes that do what you need them to do and probably better than you can ride them anyway. Stop Pretending and Start Riding. Dakar Baby!

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