FAQ for the new Texas dual sport adventure rider

Are you new to dual sport adventure riding in the great State of Texas? Many new riders ask me where they can ride, how they can find out about upcoming events, and where to go to meet other dual sport riders. This FAQ should help answer some of your questions.

Guide to dual sport adventure riding


The Dual Sport Rider’s Dirt Road Rating System  How hard is that dirt road?  Is it too tough for my motorcycle?  I think it is important that dual sport adventure riders have a common language for classifying dirt roads.  This is my suggestion for doing so.


In Praise of the Dual Sport  The lowly dual sport bike is under-loved and under-appreciated. Find out why I say that in this article praising the virtues of the dual sport bike.

How Much Do They Really Weigh?  Thinking about buying a dual sport adventure motorcycle?  Since weight plays a major role in how well a dual sport motorcycle performs in the dirt (lighter is better) you might want to know how much the bikes you are considering actually weigh.  Unfortunately, motorcycle manufacturers do not always published the actual weight of their motorcycles. I have compiled the real weight of many popular dual sport adventure motorcycles in this article.

Dual Sport Adventure Motorcycle Comparison  How much does that bike weigh?  What kind of horsepower does it make?  How does it compare to other bikes?  Find out here.

DRZ400s Adventure  Can the DRZ400s be converted into a lightweight adventure tourer?  Let’s find out.


We are fortunate that dual sport adventure riders have numerous tire choices.  Here’s what I like.


Should I use hard luggage on my dual sport or adventure bike?  Which is better – hard bags or soft bags?  The answer depends on where/what you will be riding.  Both types of bags have advantages and disadvantages.  However, hard bags have one giant disadvantage for dual sport adventure bikes that you should be aware of before making your decision.  Find out what that disadvantage is here.

Should I use heavy duty tubes?  Can I run a 21 inch tube in a 17 inch rear tire?  Have you ever thought about using heavy duty tubes?  Have you ever been told that, in an emergency, you can run a front tube in a rear tire until you get back to civilization?  Find out if that’s good advice in this article.

Alpinestars Scout waterproof boots  review  Alpinestars introduced the waterproof Scout boot in 2009 for the dual sport community.  Is it any good?  Find out in my review.

Giant Loop Fandango tank bag versus the Wolfman Enduro tank bag  A good tank bag is a wonderful thing.  If you need a new tank bag you might be trying to decide between two of the more popular options – the Fandango from Giant Loop or the Enduro from Wolfman.  I’ve got both so I compared them side by side in this article.


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  1. On your motorcycle comparison can you add suspension travel, seat height ,gas mileage and how much can the hall or total weight . thank you

  2. I am looking for dirt roads that I can have my kids ride on with a license (dirt only motorcycles), without having to go to a track. I live in west San Antonio. Back in the day, there was no worry about the police stopping you on a dirt road out in the middle of nowhere…but, not sure how much of a risk there is of getting ticketed now.

    • Craig,

      You won’t find that in Texas. Unfortunately, there is very little public land in Texas which is where you would find dirt roads that are legal to be ridden by non-licensed vehicles and/or riders. The only public off-pavement riding I know of is in the Sam Houston National Forest.



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