We were as far south as we would go on this trip. Starting today we would be riding north back toward Texas. But that didn’t mean the fun riding was over; there were new roads to explore on the way.

Our day 5 plan was to explore some dirt roads around the town of Pacula. From there we would retrace our path to Agua Zarca so we could explore the terrain west of there.

Once our gourmet breakfast was complete, we loaded the bikes and headed out. Our first stop of the day was for fuel at a local vendor on Hwy 85.

Refueling bikes from a 55 gallon drum is a slow process. If you can find a Pemex, I recommend doing so – it’s considerably faster.

A few miles outside of Zimapan we turned north toward Pacula. The map showed the road to be dirt, but the map is wrong; the road is now paved. It’s not a bad road – it’s twisty and fun – but I was hoping for more dirt. Oh well.

In Pacula we turned east to ride to Jacala and back to Hwy 85. This road was dirt. Yay! Much more to my liking.

You see some very interesting things when riding Mexico’s back country. For example, we had been riding a dirt road for quite some time and hadn’t passed any villages lately when we rounded a corner and spotted this shrine. I don’t know why it was there or what its meaning is, but it was interesting and well kept.

The views on the road to Pacula were excellent.

Once we arrived in Pacula we decided we needed a short break. Within a few minutes of stopping every policeman in town had walked by to check out the moto gringos. I’m guessing we may have been the only moto tourists in Pacula in a very long time.

As I mentioned earlier, every town has a statue of somebody. Pacula was no different.

The dirt road from Pacula to Jacala was fantastic. Another wonderful find. Add this road to your list if you plan to ride this part of Mexico.

In Jacala we jumped on Hwy 85 and headed back to Agua Zarca. The map showed a dirt road running west out of Agua Zarca that I really wanted to explore. On Google Earth it looked to be spectacular.

We arrived in Agua Zarca around lunch time, so we decided to grab a bite to eat. Luckily, Maria (the young lady from the previous day) was working and knew of a restaurant that she said would be good. The “restaurant” turned out to be the home of a local woman named Reece. She and her daughter invited us in, sat us at her kitchen table and then cooked up a fine meal for us. I was humbled by the hospitality and generosity of this woman and honored to be in her home.

Here is Reece in her kitchen. The doorway design is in the shape of a cross.

Reece is an excellent cook and the food was very good.

Reece is also quite a pastry chef and served us a wonderful cake as dessert.

Once lunch was finished we bid the ladies goodbye and headed west.

The dirt road west out of Agua Zarca was the best dirt road of the entire trip. It was a fine class 2 but what made it so good was the views. Absolutely awe inspiring. I stopped to take a picture and Bob pulled up next to me and said something to the effect of “Wow, this is an incredible road! I can’t believe we are here.” It was a sentiment I fully agreed with. Unfortunately my pictures don’t do it justice.

If you should find yourself riding in this part of Mexico you could skip every other road in our ride report but don’t skip this one. It is truly something special.

The road took us to Tilaco, a small town that had one of the 5 missions built by Father Serra. Just like the one in Jalpan, the detail was incredible.

Here’s a map of the area. I noticed it has a few roads not shown on my map. Hmmm…

The Hurricane of the Sierra

I spotted this beautiful tree in someone’s backyard and had to take a picture. My wife would love to have one just like it in our yard.

From Tilaco we rode north to Hwy 120 and grabbed a motel for the evening in the town of La Lagunita. I had been in contact with Milton and his bike was finally fixed. I called him and told him to ride over and join us. It was dry in La Lagunita but it was raining where Milton was and he ended up overnighting in Xilitla. We agreed that he would meet us the next afternoon in Tamasopo.

La Posada motel in La Lagunita

Dinner was at a roadside eatery.



Day 6 – Adding an exclamation point






Day 5 – The best road yet — 2 Comments

  1. hi,
    I am new to Boerne. I used to ride a lot. Looking forward to meeting you folks. Where is the contact page on this site? I am in line for a new spring bike, but want to talk to you about winter rides. I have a second home on the beach in Nayarit Mexico. Let’s plan!


    • Hi, Darrell,

      Welcome to the Texas Hill Country and the wonderful world of dual sport adventure riding. You can contact me on my cell at 512-653-6011 to discuss bikes, rides, or whatever.



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