The next morning I woke a little earlier than normal and spent some time walking around the Galeana with my camera, grabbing street scenes that caught my eye.

There is a new hotel in Galeana, just three blocks from the plaza.

Most of the restaurants in Galeana don’t open until 9am and we didn’t want to wait that long to head out.  We decide to get on the road about 8am and eat when we arrived in Rayones, an hour north of Galeana.  Steve, Brian, RacerJohn, and I were riding together today with the intent of riding the dual sport double dragon route and then riding to the top of Mount Potossi.

A short distance out of Galeana

A local directed us to this little place for breakfast.

Our faithful steeds waiting for us to finish breakfast.

The views on the dual sport double dragon are arguably the finest of all.

This beautiful high plain is just outside of Cienaga del Torro.

After navigating our way through Cienaga we took a new-to-me route to Mimbres.  The riding was easy class 1 and the views didn’t disappoint.

We took a short break in Mimbres.  It was Saturday so the kids were not in school.  These young fellows took a keen interest in the 4 gringos and their motos.

Unfortunately, the afternoon rain was starting to catch up to us (it rained most afternoons).  We could see it raining in the distance and the clouds were heading in our direction.  So we cut our visit short, saddled up and tried to out run the rain.  We had a small window of opportunity to do so.

At the cutoff to Mt Potossi we stopped to discuss the situation.  The top of the mountains was shrouded in clouds so it didn’t make much sense to ride to the top for the views.  Instead, we decided to ride up as high as we could go and still see the horizon.  I warned the group that it was the bumpiest road they will ever ride.  Words don’t do it justice.  After riding about 3 miles up the group decided the payoff (the views) weren’t going to be worth it – the road was just too jarring on man and machine. A new group decision was made to head back to Galeana and call it a day.  Unfortunately the rain caught us shortly after we got off the mountain and followed us all the way to the plaza in Galeana and the end of our riding day.

The other group arrived in Galeana a few hours later with stories of mud, closed roads, and JT’s bike catching on fire.  Luckily the fire didn’t destroy anything essential and the bike ran fine all the way back to Texas.

It had been a great trip but all too soon it was time to head back home.  Tomorrow we had to begin the trek back to Texas.


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