After the disappointment of yesterday we had high hopes for today.  We were headed south to ride the Agua Blanca route, one of the prettiest rides in the area.  The threat of a bit of rain was not enough to deter us.

The guys looking for some breakfast

Not breakfast.  But somebody’s lunch cooking on the street.

The rain arrived before we got out of town

We headed south toward Cuevas and on to Camarones.  Ahhh…finally…the good stuff.

How do you fix a collapsed bridge?  Simple, just add a little dirt.  Yep, that’ll do it.

After some really fun riding it was time for a short break in downtown Camarones.

Francisco Villa, Tienda Proprietor

Downtown Camarones

The road beyond Camarones is just so beautiful.  I tried but was unable to fully capture the beauty.

The road was quite steep in many places.  Here is an example.




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