Unfortunately the bike issues that started the afternoon of day 1 continued and even multiplied into day 2.  John’s KLR had electrical issues that he was able to solve the evening of day 1 in the hotel parking lot.  My DRZ battery was giving me fits and I was hoping to find a replacement in Montemorelos.  JT’s DRZ was dribbling oil from somewhere on the head and he needed to find and eliminate the cause.  So day 2 began with bike repairs and maintenance in the hotel parking lot.

With his KLR fixed, John mostly watched the action.

Once we determined that a battery for my DRZ could not be procured locally, we decided to ride over to Linares and continue the search.  Unfortunately, Scott’s KTM690 quit running a few miles down the road.

RacerJohn, Milton, and I left the fellows on the side of the road working on Scott’s bike and headed to Linares in search of a new battery for my DRZ.  However, after several dead-ends I determined that I would not be able to get a properly sized battery for my DRZ so I bought one slightly larger and stuck it in my saddle bags just in case.

While I was buying the batter the fellows completed a make-shift repair of Scott’s KTM and were able to ride it to the Auto Zone in Linares…

…where we spent the rest of the day fighting bike problems.

After an hour or two Scott’s bike was ready to go.  With enthusiasm we all geared up, ready to ride when someone pointed out that Milton’s bike was dribbling gasoline.

Dang it.  Off came the gear, out came the tools, and for the next 4 hours we tried to get Milton’s bike running.

During this time my battery went dead on my DRZ so I installed the new, larger battery.  Of course it wouldn’t fit so I had to make it fit with zip ties.  Finally, about 4 or 5 pm all the bikes were running.  If you’ve been keeping score then you know that five of the six bikes had required some amount of repair and it was only our second day.  Hot, tired, and disappointed with the way the day had gone, we decided to ride directly to Galeana for a cold beer or three.

Blessedly, other than JT’s small fire we didn’t have any other significant bike issues the remainder of the trip.

We met up with Steve and Brian in Galeana.

Milton doing what Milton does.

JT and RacerJohn

This little guy was having a ball riding his bike on the plaza in Galeana.

There’s a new store on the plaza in Galeana.  And it’s really nice.

The Galeana Plaza at blue hour

And that’s the way day 2 went.  Luckily, things were much better the remainder of the trip.


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