June 2014:  I just returned from a fantastic 6 day ride to Galeana, Mexico. Here’s a teaser video courtesy of Stingray which explains how we came up with the name of our ride report.


Trailering to McAllen, TX

Milton, Racer John and I loaded our bikes on a borrowed trailer (Thank You, Robert Krull!) Tuesday afternoon and headed south to McAllen.  An uneventful six hours later we arrived at our abode for the evening – one of the three Motel 6’s in the area.  The other 5 – JT, Scott, Chuck, Steve, and Brian – had arrived earlier and were all checked in.

2 DRZs and a KLR ready for a Mexican Adventure


Meelton (as it is pronounced in Spanish) Otto, world’s foremost adventure dentist.


Racer John on his first real international motorcycle adventure.


Chuck – veteran Mexico rider and Head Mechanic


Stingray Scott unable to contain his excitement


JT – always ready to ride


Brian – he made his big GS1200 earn its pay on this trip

Steve – raced the pro class in the Baja 1000 but agreed to ride slow enough on his Wee Strom so that we could keep up with him


And, finally, there was this little guy.  He wasn’t riding with us but he made sure to keep a close eye on us while we were at the Motel 6.  And he kept his poker face on the entire time.

This little guy wasn’t sure what to think of the Moto Locos.


Day 1 – crossing the desert and riding Potrero Redondo


Blazing Saddles – a hot ride in Mexico — No Comments

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