Your purchase of the Ozark Adventure ride guide includes tracks and routes for all 12 rides in the guide.  You will need to download these files to your computer in order to use them.  To download, right click on the hyperlinks below and in the box that pops up click on the choice that says something like “save as”, “save target as”, “save link as” (different internet browsers use different terminology for downloading files).  Note where on your computer the files are being downloaded to.  Once the download is complete, navigate to the folder on your computer where the files were downloaded to and select on the file you want to open.

Dual Sport Rides 1 – 7

Tracks 1 – 7  These are the tracks for dual sport rides 1 – 7.  Note that these are “tracks”, not routes.  If your GPS doesn’t work with tracks you will need to convert these tracks to routes, which can cause issues with some GPS units.

Tracks 1 – 7 filtered  These are all the tracks for dual sports rides 1 – 7, filtered to 500 points or less.  Some GPS units are limited to 500 points per track.  If you have one of those GPS units then these tracks are the tracks you want.

Pavement Only Rides 8 – 12

Routes 8 – 12  These are “gpx routes” for the pavement-only rides 8 – 12, created with City Navigator North America 2010 and Mapsource version 6.16.3  These are routes, not tracks.  Note that if you are using a different version of Mapsource or City Navigator than these routes were created in then the routes may be different that is shown in the ride guide.  Also, some GPS units automatically recalculate routes.  If you have one of those GPS units it may recalculate the route, resulting in a different route than that in the ride guide.



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