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How far can a KTM 500 really go? — 7 Comments

  1. I purchased a 2014 exc 500 in summer of 2016 with 50 miles on it. I put a acerbis 5.3 gallon tank on it, and routinely do 200 mile day rides. Longest day ride of 350 miles. Think biggest weekend was 750 miles. All on gravel or single and two track. I did 1500 to 2000 mile oil changes. At end of 2017, I have 7800 miles and 262 hours. Getting oil consumption and currently in process of rebuilding motor. Prior to this bike I had a 450xcw that I did 1000 mile oil changes and did not have oil consumption at 8500 miles when I traded it off. I know people with over 10k on their machine, running fine. Given what I know now, I will return to 1000 mile oil changes.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with the 500. It sounds like you and I ride our bikes similarly (with the exception of single track). A 200 mile day is pretty typical for me, consisting of both paved and off-pavement riding. I have around 6500 miles on my bike so far and have been doing oil changes every 1000 miles. No oil burning yet.



  2. I have a 2013 500exc, which unfortunately has seen less riding than expected and 2 years sitting idle (back on it again now). Still, I have over 500 hours and 20k miles on it without ever looking at the valves. Isn’t starting as easy these days, but planning on a valve check and expecting that to remedy it. Oil changes at 2,000 +/-. Always wanted to send oil in for analysis, but never have.

    • I still have the bike – which is near miraculous since I tend to only keep bikes about 2 years before moving on to something else. At just over 10,000 miles on the odometer the bike started to smoke a little bit so I had my local KTM dealer do a top end job (piston and rings) on it last month. Aside from that I have not had any issues with the bike.

  3. Have bought Husky fe501s 2.5 months ago. Riding daily around 50km in Bali (temp ~ 30C), changing an oil every 15 hours (2 weeks/700km). Already 3.3k km. So good so far.

  4. I have a 2015 EXC 500 with 10,00 miles 525 hours I change my oil every 3-400 miles all off road miles. I’ve checked the valve clearance 3 times every time still on the money Just recently I have noticed some oil burning smell out the exhaust but with no noticable consumption between oil changes I am considering a new piston and rings this year

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