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Honda XR650L – a better countershaft sprocket — 1 Comment

  1. Sirs;
    I’m the proud owner of a 06 BRP. I too have experienced the countershaft/sprocket/keeper problem.
    I’m of the mind that the retainer is the base of the problem. I see in the picture in the original post that the teeth on the retainer is missing the teeth. That I think starts the failure. Then the damage caused by the movement between shaft and sprocket is expensive. Replacing the retainer as a service note would be prudent at 10k miles. I incurred the complete release of the sprocket from the shaft at 17k miles. The motor was in perfect condition so splitting it was out of the question!
    Lucky for me I know a TIG welder(me) and decided to rebuild the spline. Not for all to do but I did. Patience and skill saved the day. I also headed your recommendation and purchase the upgraded sprocket and the BRP is back on the road!

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