Tejas 1300 International Adventure Ride

The Tejas 1300 is a six-section, 1330 mile dual sport adventure ride in the Texas hill country, Big Bend, and northeast Mexico. Not for the faint of heart or unprepared, this ride includes the finest dirt and paved roads in this part of the world.


Austin monthly dual sport adventure ride

The Austin TARA (Texas Adventure Riders Association) Chapter sponsors a monthly dual sport adventure ride the first Saturday of every month. All riders are invited to attend.

We meet at 8:30 am at the Texaco gas station/convenience store, 18901 Hamilton Pool Road, Dripping Springs, 78620 (intersection of Hwy 12 and Hamilton Pool Rd/3238). Stands up at 9 am.

There are 12 planned routes – one for each month of the year – consisting of paved and off-pavement riding. However not every month includes dirt. Some months are street-only. All are suitable for any street-legal dual sport adventure bike.

You can download the dirt routes gpx files here.

As an alternative I have planned five routes that all include dirt. These routes tend to be longer due to the distance we have to ride west of Austin to get to the dirt. If one of the planned monthly route doesn’t have enough dirt for you, then one of these five routes could be an option.

You can download the route gps files here.

There is no designated ride leader for the monthly ride (i.e. no one is in charge). Riders self-organize into small groups and then enjoy a fun day in the Texas hill country.

What if the weather is bad? The ride still occurs. There is a chance you may be the only rider to show up, but the ride is never cancelled. This way, no matter what the weather forecast, those riders who want to ride always have a scheduled ride.

What if there is an event (such as a rally) scheduled for that same weekend? The first Saturday ride is still on. This way those riders who aren’t attending the other ride/rally have a scheduled Saturday ride they can attend.

What if someone else is organizing a day ride on Sunday? The Saturday ride is still happening. Any and all other rides are in addition to the monthly Saturday ride, not a replacement for the Saturday ride.

The first Saturday ride is never cancelled. It is always on.

The routes are .gpx files for use with a GPS and/or gps software on your computer.  I don’t know of a way you can view these files without a GPS or GPS software on your computer.  Routes are created in basecamp using City Navigator North America.  To download the routes:

1.  Hover your mouse over the title of the route (the highlighted text)

2.  Right click on the route and save it to your computer.  Note where you are saving the file to.

3.  Open the route as you normally open routes using your gps software and/or export the file to your gps as you normally do.


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    • My apologies. I’m not sure why the links stopped working but I believe I have fixed them. Please try to download them again.

    • Hi, Don.

      There are lots of fun dirt roads west of San Antonio, in the Kerrville area. However, they are public roads, built and maintained by the counties they are located in, so your ATV will have to be street legal if you want to ride those roads. We have very little public land in Texas and there are no public off-road riding areas in central Texas. Which means we do all our riding on public roads or at private off-road riding areas (a google search will turn up any private, pay-to-ride, off-road parks around San Antonio). If your ATV is street legal then the hill country ride guide that I sell will point you to the best dirt roads in hill country.



      • Hi, Randy.

        I just tested and was able to download all the routes. I’m not sure what may be preventing you from downloading the routes but the links did work for me.



  1. Hi Rich,

    Thanks for all of the great information on your site! I can’t wait to plug in these GPS routes to start adventuring around Austin.

    Quick question: how would these rate against your proposed Class 1-4 rating system? Are they all Class 1s? I have a heavier adventure bike.



  2. I’m going to try these out in my 4Runner TRD Pro soon. I’ve been looking for some good adventures in Texas (I live in the Corpus Christi area), and they’re pretty hard to find. I can’t thank you enough for this.

    • Hi, Andrew.

      I don’t know how gps files work in google maps so I can’t help with your issue. I don’t use google maps to display/view gps files and am not familiar with the process.

      As an FYI, I just downloaded the file and the route is showing correctly on my gps.



  3. Not sure when the routes were made, but I tried a mix of them today….did about 235 miles in total around Llano combining them, and only hit about 4 total miles of dirt. Everything else was paved or chip & seal….so apparently a lot of these roads are no longer dirt/adventure routes. It seemed like most of the side roads I saw were either private or chip & seal. I’m new to the area, so I certainly don’t know the entire Hill Country yet, but I’d put up a disclaimer or possiblyi update the routes.

    • Hi, Craig.

      The unfortunate reality of life in Austin is that it is a long ride to the dirt. Most of the county roads within 70 miles of Austin are all paved. The routes I’ve posted include some of the best county roads I know of. I wish there were more dirt roads close to Austin for us to ride but, alas, that is not the case.

      If you want to explore the hill country and then provide some new routes, I would be pleased to host them here.



  4. Hello Everyone. I am wondering if any of you are still riding? Im from Austin and looking for some riders to ride with.Im not sure where the best rides are so im looking for some friends to go on adventures with. I ride a Super Tenera. Please let me know. If there are some GPX files I can download that woult would be awsome also. tHANKS!

    • Hi, Donny.

      Yes, we are still riding. There is an organized Austin adventure ride the first Saturday of every month plus we have other scheduled rides and rallies throughout the year. The best place to stay up-to-date on all the latest scheduled events is the dual sport adventure forums at Two Wheeled Texas at http://www.twtex.com/forums. Every planned ride and event gets posted there and you will be able to find others to ride with.



  5. Just wanted to mention the download links for the monthly GPX are inverted (ie link to dirty routes downloads the normal routes and link to normal routes downloads the dirty ones).

  6. Hi Richard, Is this still going on every month? Is it ever cancelled? If it is cancelled how are we notified as I will be coming from Houston each month.

    • Hi, Matt.

      Yes, the first Saturday ride is still being held the first Saturday of the month. The first Saturday ride is never cancelled. It is always on. No matter what, the ride is always scheduled. If the weather is bad, you may be the only person to show up, but the ride is never cancelled.



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