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  1. I found your website while looking for information on dual sport adventure rides in Texas. I’m interested in meeting up with you for a ride sometime. Please send me information on upcoming rides or events.

    I’m live in NW Houston and ride a DR650

    • Let’s kick up the events here, I would love to assist. I am in Fort Worth sand need some events. F800GS with A r1200gs RIDER IN TOW…..

      • Hi, Cory.

        I typically don’t lead any rides during the summer months. It’s a bit too hot for my taste. Once things cool down in the Fall I’ll will organize a ride. In the meantime, you might regularly check on the “upcoming rides” in the dual sport forums on Two Wheeled Texans (www.twtex.com/forums) – it is the most active dual sport adventure community in Texas.



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