Do you want to ride the best dual sport roads in the Texas hill country?  Go on an international adventure to the Sierra Leon mountains of northwest Mexico?  Are you planning a trip to the Big Bend region but don’t know the best roads to ride or where to stay?  Ride guides are available for purchase for the Texas Hill Country, the Big Bend region, and the Sierra Leon region of Mexico


Hill Country Adventure, a guide to adventure riding in the Texas hill country – $20

This 56-page book is your guide to dual sport adventure riding in the Texas hill country.  The guide contains:

  • 8 recommended day routes, ranging from 200 to 350 miles, with route descriptions, directions, overview map, and ride notes
  • THC 500: 2 day, 500 mile adventure tour of the hill country
  • THC 1100 – 5 day, 1100 mile adventure tour of the hill country
  • Top 10 dual sport roads in the hill country
  • In-depth discussion of pertinent topics such as navigation, GPS, terrain, roads conditions, preparation, packing, weather, and group riding rules.
  • Routes in .gpx format for use with a GPS

In short, this guide contains all the relevant information needed to fully explore this part of Texas.   The cost of the guide is $20 via check or money order or $22 if paying via paypal.


MexTrek Ride Guide, 2nd Edition, $25

The 2nd edition includes 4 new route, overview maps for all recommended routes, and 20 additional pages.

The mountains of northeast Mexico are a fantastic dual sport playground.  Just 150 miles from the Texas border these mountains offer some of the finest dual sport riding you will ever encounter.  The riding here is as good or even better than the riding in the famed Copper Canyon (yes, the riding really is that good) and a heck of a lot closer for riders in the eastern half of the United States.  If you want to go adventure riding in Mexico then this is your guide.

The MexTrek package includes a 68-page, spiral bound guide that contains the pertinent information needed to cross the border, travel to Galeana, and explore the Sierra Leon mountains, 3 topographical maps of the ride area, and a map of downtown Galeana.  It includes information such as:

  • border crossing requirements and advice
  • Galeana hotel information and city map
  • 16 recommended dual sport routes
  • ride descriptions, directions, and notes
  • topographical maps of the area
  • routes in .gpx for use with your GPS

What kind of bike do you need to ride this area?  Any street legal dual sport or adventure bike is fine.  The 16 recommended routes consist of 15 class 2 and class 3 routes and one class 4 route so there is plenty of riding available no matter what kind of bike you ride.

The cost of the package (guide + maps) is $25 via check or money order or $27 if paying via paypal.


Big Bend – a guide for all motorcyclists, 2nd edition + 2 topographical maps – $25

The Big Bend region is great place to ride a motorcycle. It contains some of the finest paved and non-paved roads in Texas. Those roads combined with the unique characteristics that make the Big Bend region such a different and exciting place to visit helps to explain its continued popularity as a motorcycle-destination.

Until now motorcyclists have not had a ride guide to Big Bend. Motorcyclists wanting to visit Big Bend for the first time have not had a single source to turn to in order to find the best places to ride, eat, sleep, and visit.

Big Bend – a guide for all motorcyclists is a 60 page, spiral-bound, guide to motorcycling the Big Bend region. The guide contains both logistics and recommended rides.

The logistics information in the guide includes a list of the motel/hotels in the area, camping sites, safety considerations, suggested packing list, and other pertinent, important information needed to ride the Big Bend region.

The guide also details 14 different recommended routes – 4 street-only routes and 10 dual sport routes. Each route includes a route description, mileage, directions, difficulty rating (for the dual sport routes), stores/restaurants and fuel stops.

Also included are two 11×17 color maps; one topo map of the Terlingua Ranch area and one map of Big Bend National park showing the primitive roads in the park.

The cost of the package (guide + maps) is $25 via check or money order or $27 if paying via paypal.



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