Let’s Go Further

The Terra’s stock gas tank holds 3.5 gallons. At 48 mpg (my average), I can go almost 170 miles before I’m walking. That’s not far enough – my preference is to have a minimum range of 200 miles. To solve this problem I add a 1.5 gallon Rotopax to the rear rack, extending my range by 72 miles, giving me the total of about 240 miles.

While I am pleased with the additional range, there is a challenge with the way the Rotopax is mounted to the bike. In particular, the Rotopax takes up the space where you would mount your tail bag. If you run saddle bags (which I do) the Rotopax is a good solution for day rides. For multi-day rides, mounting the Rotopax on the rear rack may not be the best solution.

Protecting the Engine

Bikes heavier than 400 lbs can suffer serious damage in a fall. All that weight coming down on a few spots (handlebars, pegs, shifter, brake lever, radiator, etc) can wreck (sorry for that) havoc with the bike. As a preventive protective measure I installed a set of crash bars from SW Motech. Luckily I haven’t needed to test them yet, but they do seem to be quite stout and are mounted very solidly to the bike.