I have been wanting a more street-worthy adventure bike than my DR-Z440w or XR650L, a bike for mostly highway riding but also capable of doing class 1 and 2 dirt roads.  The Suzuki V-Strom 650 certainly fit the bill so it was on my short list.  However, since I owned a Wee-Strom a few years back and I really like to try new bikes, it wasn’t leading the pack.  I also tend to like thumpers and had almost decided that the BMW 650 Dakar/Sertao would be my next bike when I got a wild hair (and some encouragement from a couple of friends) and bought a used 2013 Husqvarna TR650 Terra.

The Husky TR650 Terra is an interesting bike, competing against the KLR and DR650.  Introduced in 2013, when BMW owned Husqvarna, there was a lot to like about the Terra.  The engine was the same long-proven mill used in the BMW 650 Dakar and Sertao but with a few improvements.  Husqvarna engineers had modified the engine from the piston up, producing a reported 10 horsepower increase (57 horsepower in the Terra versus 47 horsepower in the Sertao).  Weighing in at 404 lbs ready to ride, with modern suspension, fuel injection, rear rack, 400w electrical output, 21/18 inch front and rear tire combo, close to a 200 mile fuel range, a nice list of adventure accessories available directly from Husqvarna, and a competitive price the Terra seemed to be the modern 650 adventure thumper that many riders had been asking for.  Not surprisingly, as soon as the bike was released it staring selling well.

This spurred the aftermarket and soon there was a nice list of accessories, improvements, and farkles such as side racks, windscreen, larger gas tank available for the Terra.

Then came the bad news – BMW sold Husqvarna to KTM and the Terra was not included in the sale, meaning it was to be discontinued.  BMW put the Terra on sale and by 2014 had sold the last of the remaining stock.

Will owners be able to get dealer service for the Terra?  What about parts availability?  Continued aftermarket support?  KTM’s CEO publicly stated that Husqvarna would continue to provide parts and service for the Terra.  And I called my local Husqvarna dealer and discussed the situation with them and they indicated they had no plans to discontinue support for the Terra.   Both of those were encouraging but it’s still possible that parts and service availability might be an issue in the future.  Nonetheless, I decided to roll the dice, so to speak, and bought a Terra with just 1130 miles on the odometer from Bill, a friend in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area.

Bill had added made a few modifications to the Terra to make it more adventure ready and dirt capable, including a windscreen, larger footpegs, one-tooth smaller front sprocket, and TKC80 front and rear knobby tires.

Now that the Terra is in my garage I will be making a few changes to make the bike better suit my intended use.  The first thing I’m going to do is find a better windscreen.


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