I’ve been using Wolfman motorcycle luggage for about 10 years.  Overall I think Wolfman luggage is quality stuff and I’ve been very pleased with it.  That being said, I have the Wolfman Enduro tank bag on my DR-Z440w and have found it to be a little too small to carry all the stuff I want to carry on multi-day rides.  I also own the the Wolfman Explorer Lite (like I said, I like Wolfman’s stuff) but at more than twice the size of the Enduro bag it is too large for the DRZ and is even a bit oversized for the larger XR650L.

I’ve heard good things about Giant Loop’s luggage and I saw that their Fandango Pro tank bag is larger than the Wolfman Enduro and smaller than the Explorer Lite, so it seemed it would be about the right size for my needs.

The other factor in my decision to try the Fandango is that it appears to be somewhat waterproof.  My Wolfman luggage is made of ballistic fabric that is not waterproof.  Wolfman sells a waterproof cover separately for those occasions when you want your stuff to be protected from wet weather.  The Fandango bag is made of tarp, which I presume is waterproof but haven’t verified yet.

The Fandango bag is both wider and longer than the Enduro bag, though the difference isn’t huge.  The Fandango is rated at eight liters of capacity while the Enduro can carry six liters of stuff, giving the Fandango 33% more storage capacity.  That sounds like a lot but a six liter tank bag is pretty small so adding two liters doesn’t make the tank bag excessively large.  In comparison, my Wolfman Explorer Lite has up to 16 liters of storage capacity.

In the following photos the Fandango bag is on the left and the Enduro is on the right.  You can see the difference is size between the two bags and the different fabrics too.

I’m a map guy and one of the things I really don’t like about the Enduro is the small map pocket.  You have to fold your map so small to get it to fit that it severely limits how much of the map you can display while riding.  I find myself constantly stopping to refold the map to display the area I’m currently riding in.  The design of the Fandango map pocket makes it nearly twice the width of the one on the Enduro.  Much better.

The inside of the Wolfman Enduro has a single space for all your stuff.  The Fandango has a nice, movable divider for those times when you want your stuff segmented.

Overall, the Fandango appears to be a quality piece of gear with a few advantages over the Wolfman Enduro bag.  It fits just right on the IMS 4 gallon tank on my DR-Z440w.


March 2015 Update:  Wolfman has come out with an 8 liter tank bag, the Blackhawk.  I ordered one to use on my Honda XR650L – like I said, I like Wolfman products.

In summary, I’m pleased with my my Giant Loop Fandango bag and think it is a fine option for the type of riding I like to do.


Giant Loop Fandango versus Wolfman Enduro — 14 Comments

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  2. Looking forward to your follow up posts. Although we don’t claim our tank bags are “waterproof” they are highly water resistant, and a plastic bag or waterproof sack inside is enough protection to prevent electronics or other moisture-sensitive gear from being ruined.

  3. How do you vent your IMS tank with the Fandago? I have a Fandago on my KLX250s that I really like – I think it is the most useful addition I have made to my bike. However, I have been riding with the tiny stock tank with a much flatter, vented/lockable cap and I want to upgrade to a larger IMS tank for more fuel capacity. The only problem I see is that the bag will sit right on the vent hose coming out of the taller tank cap.

    • Adam,

      I have a vent hose coming out of the gas cap on the IMS. I mounted the tank bag rearward of the gas cap so it doesn’t interfere with the venting.

  4. 2015 Update: Giant Loop now has a seam-sealed inner liner Tank Bag Dry Pod for all of our Fandango Tank Bag and Diablo Tank Bag models. The new 9-liter Kiger Tank Bag includes a Tank Bag Dry Pod, features the largest map pocket and a zipperless clamshell lid design.

  5. Richard, I’m in the process of selecting a tank bag for my ’08 XR650L with an Acerbis 5.7 tank. I like the GL Fandango Pro a lot but it’s a lot of money, especially after what I just spent on their Great Basin saddlebags. The Wolfman products look very appealing from a value perspective. I see you upgraded from an Enduro to a Blackhawk for your XRL. Did you do this primarily for more capacity or were there other features you wanted? Did Wolfman improve the map pocket size? Wouldn’t the Blackhawk and GL bags be very similar to each other?

    • Bart,

      I upgraded to the Blackhawk for more room/space. The map pocket size is a little bit bigger but still way too small.

      However, after using the Blackhawk I’m going to buy a Fandango for the XRL. The buckles on the Blackhawk (which aren’t adjustable) interfere with the steering with the Acerbis 5.7 tank on the bike (the Blackhawk did not interfere with the steering when I had the IMS 4 gallon tank). Aside from that, I like the Fandango quite a bit more the any of the Wolfman tank bags I have. For me the zipper, water resistance, interior divider, and overall way the Fandango is built is noticeably better than the Wolfman bags.



      • are you buying a second Fandango? Or were you just trying out the one in your article above? I assume it fits well on the XRL with Acerbis tank?

        • Bart,

          I will be buying a second Fandango bag. I haven’t tried it on the XRL yet so before I buy a 2nd one I will test mount the one I have on the XRL to ensure it fits. I’m assuming it will fit but haven’t tested it yet.

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