Alpinestars released the Scout waterproof boot around Oct 2009 for the dual sport market.  My current set of boots were worn out, so I purchased a set of the Scout boots, sight unseen, and knowing very little about them in 2010.  I couldn’t find many reviews of them on the net, but I’ve had good experience with Alpinestars boots in the past so I thought I would give them a try.

Here are my impressions of this boot and how it compares to other mc boots I own.

The features of this boot include:

  • Made with PU coated leather for durability and abrasion resistance
  • 100% Waterproof performance membrane construction
  • Outer and inner ankle protection is given by innovative, double injected, TPU section with different Durometer (hardness) values and thicknesses to allow protection and flexibility all in one section
  • Internal shin reinforcement layered under the leather
  • Mesh liner for comfort and breathability
  • Removable PE padded foot bed provides shock absorption and impact protection
  • Stitched sole is of a unique rubber compound for exceptional grip and durability
  • Three-buckles closure with micro-adjustable memory system
  • Velcro® pull flap for adjustable closure
  • Scout WP boot is CE certified

I shot some pics of the Scout boot next to my old pair of Joe Rocket boots and a pair of Alpinestars Tech 6 motorcross boots.  In all these pictures, the Joe Rocket boots are on the left, the Scout boot is in the center, and the Tech 6 motocross boot is on the right.

The Scout is taller than my old dual sport boots, but not as tall as the mx boots.

The scout boot has a lug sole.  Very important, IMO, for traction off the bike.  Smooth sole boots provide little traction when walking on wet dirt, inclines, etc.  Also, note the difference in sole length.  All three boots are size 11 and they all seem to fit my foot okay, so I speculate that the differences in sole length is due to differences in thickness of the leather in the foot area.

The Scout boot is somewhat thicker and heavier than the Joe Rocket boot, but not near as thick or heavy as the Tech 6.  The Scout is much stiffer than the Joe Rocket boot.  The Joe Rocket boot was never very stiff, even new.  The Scout boot feels much more like a mx boot – not flexible in the ankle, making walking difficulty, but providing protection against excessive ankle rotation in the event of a crash.  They have become easier to walk in after they break in.

The Scout boot has 3 buckles, like a mx boot, and a velcro section at the very top of the boot.  The buckles don’t appear to be as stout as those on the mx boot, but they don’t appear to be fragile either.

Extra leather appears to have been sewn on the top of the boot.

I was just barely able to get my jeans over the boots.  I’m wearing Levi 505s, which I think are boot cut.  It took several minutes of effort to get the bottom of the pants leg over the top of the boot.  The tightest fit is the bottom of the pant vs the top of the boot.  The rest of the pant leg fits okay over the boot.

After wearing them for several years they are still waterproof and remain in good shape.  I use them whenever I know I will be riding harder dirt.


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