The first kiss of light

My buddy JT and I were in Big Bend and headed to Presidio, TX early one morning on Hwy 170 (aka River Road) when I spotted the first kiss of light on the mountains. As the saying goes, it was a Kodak moment, and this is the picture that resulted.


KLR Can Do

At 428 lbs off the showroom floor, the KLR650 is a little tougher to ride in demanding terrain than a sub-300 lb dirt-bike-with-blinkers. Still, the KLR is surprisingly capable for a big bike, as my buddy Tricepilot demonstrates on River Road in Big Bend National Park. The KLR can do it, just at a slower pace.


Nothing more need be said

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. I bet you can easily figure out what my friend Milton is saying about riding dual sport motorcycles.