GPS Stupid

A GPS is a wonderful tool and, in many ways, is far superior to a paper map. But, some people forget that, ultimately, a GPS is only as accurate as the map in its memory. If the map is wrong, the GPS is wrong.

A GPS is a tool and not a replacement for a thinking human mind. If you blindly follow your GPS – something I call being GPS stupid – then it is virtually guaranteed that at some point you will end up in a place you didn’t mean to be. I can’t begin to count the number of times I have had riders tell me about their bad experiences from completely trusting their GPS. It’s even happened to me – right after I got my first GPS I led a group down what I thought was a public road but which turned out to be a private road that ended at the homeowner’s barn. The owner was not amused.

Check out the sign above, which is on the north end of Miller Creek Road. The GPS map indicates that Miller Creek road is okay for semi trucks. The GPS map is wrong. A short distance from this sign the road deteriorates to a twisty, single lane dirt road and then crosses a small creek. Any 18 wheeler that came down this road would be trapped, unable to continue ahead and no place to turn around, creating quite a dilemma for the driver and a road block for everyone who lives along this road.  Enough truckers have made this mistake that someone finally had a sign professionally printed and mounted to warn the GPS stupid away.

Willow City Loop

The Willow City Loop, located between Fredericksburg and Llano, is well-known for its scenic views and is a favorite of all motoring enthusiasts in the Spring when the bluebonnets are in bloom. But even in the Summer, its still a enjoyable ride and the views never disappoint as can be seen in the picture above.

That’s a big armadillo

Everything is bigger in Texas. Including the armadillos. I spotted this fellow hanging out on the side of Fitzhugh Road and decided I needed a pic.