“Peace, Brother!”


Well, Peace to you too Stingray. :)

While I love the dirt roads in the Texas hill country I do have to point out that the scenery is pretty darn good too.  It’s even better on a beautiful spring day, especially in the years when there are lots of bluebonnet flowers. I’ve always prefered hills and mountains over flat terrain, so if I can’t live in the mountains then living in the heart of the hill country works for me.


This is a great example of the types of dirt roads you find northwest of Llano.  While the roads aren’t particularly difficult (they are mostly class 1 roads) they do follow the terrain so you typically get lots of ups, downs, and arounds, making them all kinds of fun when ridden at a brisk pace.  The scenery isn’t bad either.  All-in-all, it adds up to a fine combination for a fun day of riding.  wpid-Thumpers-welcome.jpg

wpid-Thumpers-welcome.jpgYou might be surprised at just how capable some of the big adventure bikes really are.  In the hands of a talented rider they can go places you wouldn’t think a 500+ lb bike should go. Like this picture of the Triumph Tiger 800XC being ridden across a low water crossing of the Colorado River at Shaw’s Bend. Sure, I preach about the virtues of lighter bikes but that doesn’t mean you can’t do some really fun stuff on the big iron.


wpid-Thumpers-welcome.jpgI was riding through Luling, Texas one day when I spotted this sign.  Do you think the owner is a Thumper Lover, just like me?  Or, is it more likely, that the owner was actually welcoming people to the annual Luling Watermelon Thump.  I prefer to think its the former but if I were betting on it, I’d go with the later.

I guess it doesn’t really matter, I’m the customer so I get to decide what it means to me and I’m going with “the owner’s a kindred soul and loves Thumpers, just like me.”

This is my buddy Stuntman Jeff, back when he was a factory rider for Yamaha. :)  His birthday was yesterday so I thought I would share this photo from back when.  Happy birthday Stuntman!



 Sometimes I get asked what we do at night, after a long day of riding our street-legal dirt bikes to far off places.  My answer is “We do the same thing you do.  We sit around drinking beer, smoking cigars, shooting the breeze, and making interesting pictures with a flashlight and a long exposure setting on our cameras.”  That’s what you do at the end of a long travel day, isn’t it.  :)


Shortly after he bought a Husqvarna TE610 dual sport motorcycle, Stuntman Jeff and I decided to go for a ride at Cross Creek Cycle Park.  Once a stuntman, always a stuntman so Jeff decided to throw down the world’s first dual sport motorcycle back flip.  Luckily I was there to capture this historical moment.

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